My markdown productivity template

My markdown productivity template

Today, I will share with you my way of working. This article is not a guideline; it will simply explain how I work today and why I work this way. I'm aware that I need to improve this method, so please don't hesitate to comment and suggest ways to improve my markdown productivity template.

for those how don't want to read a lot the shortcut : Template.


With the pandemic and the rise of remote work, I have started to look for a new way to plan my work. In remote work, it is important to clearly limit your daily work hours to avoid overworking and ensure work achievements are managed effectively. As a Scrum Master, I'm a big fan of retrospectives and am always looking for ways to improve my work

What I have change

The first change I made was to take more notes. Before this, I only took a few notes on some special points, and I thought it was unnecessary. However, with the asynchronous way of working imposed by remote work, it's essential to take maximum notes.

Secondly, it is important to clearly identify and prioritize your tasks.

Thirdly, it is essential to take the time to conduct a retrospective of your work. Personally, I take around 30 minutes every week to list what went well and what didn't. Additionally, every six months, I have a meeting with my manager dedicated to my performance and how I can improve my work.

My search for the best tool

I was first lazy and used the tool that I had on my laptop, Microsoft OneNote. But I quickly stopped using it because if I made a note every day, the application would quickly be full, and the search function was not as good as I expected. Finally, after a few months of use, I was completely lost when trying to find my old notes, so I decided to change.

Like everyone else, I first checked how people take notes, and the first tool I tried was Notion. However, I spent more time configuring the tool or searching for templates that never fit my needs than actually writing my notes, so it was not very productive. Finally, I found my tools: Typora and Mermaid JS. These tools are magic for me because I can do everything I want in one place. No need to search for templates, with Markdown and Mermaid JS, everything is easy to do.

search for something
Mermaid js Typora Markdown Notion

My weekly organisation templates

My way of working involves having one file per week. This file is divided into three parts:

The first part consists of tasks. In this section, I first list the tasks I need to achieve for the week. Then, I have a list of tasks that need to be done but are not urgent and not within the week. Finally, I have a backlog of tasks that are important to note but do not have any plans to be completed.

The second part is for my notes, separated by each day of the week. This makes it easier to find and link my notes with any meetings or events that occur during that day.

The final part is for any ideas that I need to note down. These ideas are more global and not concrete, so they are not included in my backlog.

Weekly template

You will see my markdown productivity template is very simple so that i will not spend hour on the disigne or remeber myself how to do some tricks.

To help the search on all the notes which is the fonctionnality i wil use the more i always begin the task with a project name so that i can search task by project.

I resently add at the end of the task the week i create the task to remenber how long the tasks are in my todo. If task are too old i need to do something about it clean or do other think that help to resolved the tasks.

My markdown productivity template is this :


This week

  • [ ] Projet 2 | Make the installer | w!


  • [ ] Projet 1 | todo ....| w3


  • [ ] Projet 1 |......|w2
  • [ ] Projet 2 |......|w4
  • [ ] Projet 3 |......|w1







Idea when time

  • [ ] Ghost| threat modeling | w5
  • [ ] Projet 2| share template de test |w6
  • [ ] Projet 1| make test senario | w1

You can find my template in git here :

Routine is the key

My routine is to create a new file each week, and on the first day of the week, I list the tasks that are needed to be accomplished. I also review the tasks that are not urgent and see which ones I can achieve.

Every day, I update the task list and check my notes.

At the end of the week, I review all my notes and update the task list accordingly. I also create a pie graph to see my achievements of the week and conduct a weekly assessment.

Once a month, I review my ideas and backlog to determine whether to keep them on my board or not

Routine win


Thanks to this small routine and bilan i can manage my work more easily and see my progression every weeks. I thinks this methode of work realy feet with my need and with that i can be more productif and keep my motivation to work

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