Year 2023 start at full speed

Year 2023 start at full speed


It's a long time since i didn't post in this blog. Sorry for that but the year is very challenging for me and i have a lot of work. But today i find a little time to write.

This post will be on travel because last month i had the chance to travel for my work. It's a chance because for me developers are not use to travel specialy with the covid crise where everyone work from home now.

That was not a long trip but long enough to change my perspective and see what kind of challenge i need to achive.

I write this article to share this little experience.

And also to ask you some questions :


you as a developer do you have to travel a lot for your job ?

And other question what do you absolut take in your bagage ?

My workpack

For me i have my compagny laptop and for my personal work i took on old tablet (lg tab 8) that can do the job for music reading and bloging .

I also use my tablet as a second screen for my work it was very usefull for the work session.
For this i do some search about application that can do the job without buying new material.
So i use the application screendesk [1] And this work preaty well. What i really like is that we can share the screen with the usb cable and not only by the wifi it's a more stable way than the wifi. I also use the application duet [2] it's a pay app but this work realy well ans with this app i can also share my screen on wifi between my laptop and my chrombook laptop but the app was not compatible wih my old tab.

As a conclusion this trip was realy usefull from work perspective but also for my personal growth and also prety cool to visit a new town.

Next post will coming soon i will share with you my way of working. see you soon....

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